Bf and bff

Difference between BF and BFF???

bf and bff
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BF = Best Friend or Boy Friend BFF = Best friend forever. GF = Girl Friend BMF = Best Male Friend LOL = Lots of Laugh / Laugh Out Loud / Lots.
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What are "disagrees"?

Sign in. - It seems like so much to ask of someone be my lover and my closest confidant.

16 Memes That Perfectly Describe When Your BFF Gets a BF

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If your best friend sleeps with your boyfriend, who is more to blame? This Straight Talk panel gets into it! Take a Moment and Listen to Old People. Fixing Relationship Pet Peeves with Dr. Evan Antin: Part 1. Evan Antin: Part 2.


  1. Lauren B. says:

    andre Boyfriend, always. It's not used with best friend so as to not confuse the two.

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