Women wearing pull ups

wearing diaper/pullups during period

women wearing pull ups


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Fun in public wearing pull-ups with embarrassing moment

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Embarrassed and concerned

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My name is Hannah, and Im a 25 year old middle school science teacher. I first began experiencing bladder leakage several years ago, and it gradually got worse. I started out with pads, but realized they would be quickly soaked.

Are Men's Pull-Up Diapers the Right Option?

Discussion in ' Women's Issues ' started by indianprincesss , Jan 30, Log in or Sign up. Hip Forums. Any girls here ever worn or thought about wearing a diaper or pullups while on their period? It all started when I was younger and had gone through only a few periods. When while on a period I ran out of pads to use. So my mother suggested that I wear some of my little brother diapers that we had left over.

As many men age, they start to experience incontinence, which can make their days and nights uncomfortable. Choosing the right men's pull-up diapers could give you the peace of mind and comfort that you need to enjoy your time instead of worrying about accidents. Adult pull-up diapers have designs similar to men's briefs. They have two openings so you can slide your legs through easily for a secure fit. Men's pull-up diapers have absorbent pads sewn into them. The pull-up diapers for men have the padding sewn into the front of the underwear, rather than the bottom for added protection. If you have an accident, the pads will absorb the liquid and keep it away from your body.


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