Berserk guts and casca

Demon Child

berserk guts and casca
and   girl

Violating Casca with Minimal Guts

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More than you maybe think, by just displaying gestures and facial expressions.
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“Fangs of Ego”

Everything changes for Guts when Griffith, in a state of despair, utilises the power of the behelit, a mysterious device that grants its user a supernatural body on the basis of human sacrifice as long as the sacrifice holds some importance to the user and ascends to divinity by literally sacrificing all his loyal and devoted mercenaries of the Band of the Falcon, thus becoming the fifth member of the Godhand and permanently altering the world as they know it. Together, they overcome their past trauma. Her design drew me to the story because it is rare to see black characters in manga, or black characters that are not stereotypes, especially women.

Alone together, Casca tells Guts to draw his sword. He successfully blocks her quick strike, but remains confused as to why she's attacking him. Instead of completely drawing his sword, he keeps it sheathed across his back and only uses the exposes parts of the blade to block. Her barrage of attacks tells him that she really means to hurt, or kill him.

Guts has been taken over by lust. He pins Casca to the ground and forcibly kisses her.


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    If he's going to sacrifice everything for his dream, if his dream is to fight and cut away his own path, then I want to be his sword.

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