Suits donna and harvey dating

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suits donna and harvey dating
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S8 E 16 Harvey Has an Epiphany about Donna

Suits has been playing with the hearts of its fans desperate to see Donna Sarah Rafferty and Harvey Gabriel Macht together for seven and a half seasons. That's over episodes of legal drama and office sexual tension. We've seen their early days and pre-firm hook up.

'Suits' boss Aaron Korsh talks about Harvey's big epiphany in the Season 8 The short version: In order to protect Donna, Harvey asked Thomas to lie to the .. Now she was trying to move on and started dating Thomas.
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Suits season 8 spoilers: Did Harvey and Donna finally get together?

The two characters originally slept together early on when Suits first started but Donna drew a line under it, telling Harvey she wanted him to respect her and work with him.
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Skip to main content. - The heated scene, which concluded with Donna leading Harvey into the bedroom, happened at the perfect moment, as far as star Gabriel Macht is concerned.

The short version: In order to protect Donna, Harvey asked Thomas to lie to the ethics committee and say Harvey shared the privileged information, which made Thomas question what Harvey and Donna are to each other. While Samantha pondered life without her mentor Robert, who loved her despite her faults, Harvey came to his own realization about who he wants to run to when he has a big loss or win. When she opened it, neither one of them said anything before she stepped back and he moved in for a passionate kiss, with Donna eventually leading them to the bedroom.

Netflix will be dropping the season eight premiere the following day Thursday, July 19 for fans outside the US.


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    'Suits' star Gabriel Macht talks about the Season 8 finale's huge Harvey-Donna twist and his hopes for the 'bittersweet' final season.

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