Sex toys for husband and wife

The 21 Best Sex Toys For Couples In 2019

sex toys for husband and wife
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Fortunately, we find ourselves in the golden age of couples sex toys.
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The Best Sex Toys for Couples, According to Sex Therapists and Relationship Experts

Many people mistakenly believe that sex toys are just for single men and women or, perhaps, for people in relationships who enjoy a little alone time., Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors.

If you want to add variety to your partnered sex life, consider exploring couples sex toys, including double-ended dildos, butt plug sets.
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14 of the best sex toys for couples

Best sex toys for couples, according to reviews

If you're in a relationship and looking to increase both pleasure and intimacy, consider experimenting with a sex toy created with partnered play in mind. Far from being a sign that your intimacy is somehow lacking, using pleasure products with your partner shows that you're open to exploration and adventure. Shopping for a toy together can even count as foreplay. Browse together online from your bed, or have an adventurous date at your local adult store. Playing with others is fun, and love is cool. But if you're single or coupled, remember that you can use these toys on your own as well.

It takes a lot of things to make a relationship work. Communication, compassion, and compromise are all biggies, but there's one topic that you don't often hear in your standard romantic conversation: the best sex toys for couples that can help increase intimacy and pleasure for both of you simultaneously. Granted, there's no magic pill that makes things seamless all of the time, but research has shown that a happy, satisfied sex life filled with excitement and adventure helps you to maintain intimacy in your relationship, which bleeds through into interactions that take place outside the bedroom and that means the aforementioned properties of a healthy relationship can happen more effortlessly on their own. Yeah, there might be a bit of an intimidation factor in the beginning, but utilizing sex toys during sex with your partner has been shown to decrease pressure, increase pleasure, add excitement without venturing outside the relationship, and ensure that both parties are more satisfied.


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