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scott and sid
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Scott and Sid Review

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Scott and Sid is a British coming-of-age feature film directed, written and produced by Scott Elliott and Sid Sadowskyj. The film stars Richard Mason and Tom Blyth , both making their debuts as the lead characters in the film, whilst Charlotte Milchard takes on the supporting role as Sid's mum. Narrated by a hopeful Scott and Sid, the duo recounts their story to a fascinated taxi driver and the story unfolds in flashbacks.

Scott and Sid is the slightly fictionalised true tale of two young boys meeting for the first time, knowing they could never be friends because they are simply too different from each other. The other is a nerdy teen who just wants to be normal, to make friends and not have to put up with his drunken state of a mother anymore. There is no big storyline as such, but watching their friendship and the kind of relationship they have with each other just makes you want to watch on. The kinds of conversations they have are witty, emotional and real. Something you would expect to have with two real best friends. She has become fixed in a loop of drinking illegal alcohol which Sid provides for her on a daily basis from the corner shop. No pressure there then.


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