Amp and sub hook up

How to Connect a Subwoofer to a Receiver or Amplifier

amp and sub hook up
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How to Hook Up an Amp to Subwoofers

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Why would you want a high-level signal?

If your subwoofer doesn't have an internal amplifier , you'll definitely want to connect an amplifier to it., Menu Menu.

How do you connect a subwoofer to an amplifier?

Subwoofers are typically easy to connect, given that there are usually only two cords to deal with: one for power and one for the audio input. You're far more likely to spend the bulk of time positioning and adjusting a subwoofer for the best performance than actually plugging in a pair of cables. However, not all subwoofers are so simple and straightforward, depending on the specific model and maybe some personal experience. If your receiver or amplifier has enough variety, you should be able to handle most any subwoofer out there.

This article will provide a better working knowledge of car audio components and outline how to successfully install them. First, under the hood of your vehicle, disconnect the cable from the Negative - terminal of the battery. This will prevent any accidental short circuits from happening while installing your amplifier. Locate an area under the hood where you can mount your fuse holder.


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    How to Install a Car Audio Amplifier and Subwoofer | It Still Works

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    If you're installing a subwoofer in your vehicle, you'll need to wire up your audio system to the amplifier before connecting your subwoofer.

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