Lois lane bound and gagged

Fan Fiction Friday: Movie Superman in A Weekend in Lois Lane

lois lane bound and gagged

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Noel Neill dies at 95; first actress to play Lois Lane

Author's Note:: This is a one-shot drabble that was supposed to be a comedy but after watching 'Requiem' I didn't really have anything to go on so it's taken a darker twist than I first anticipated. - Lois Lane is the second main protagonist of the series.

Lois Lane is a fictional character first appearing in DC Comics' Action Comics 1 June , an intrepid reporter and commonly portrayed as the romantic interest of the superhero Superman and his alter-ego Clark Kent.
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Lois Lane in the 1960s-70s: Supermans Helpless Half-Wit

Noel Neill, the actress, was the original big screen Lois Lane, the crack investigative reporter on the Daily Planet who never quite figures out that the Man of Steel who keeps rescuing her from the jaws of death or worse is really her slightly nerdy colleague Clark Kent. The character first appeared, alongside the dashing defender of "truth, justice and the American way", in the first issue of Action Comics in June

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Superman is the first in the series of seventeen animated Technicolor short films based upon the DC Comics character Superman. The story cuts to the Daily Planet building, where editor Perry White reveals to his two best field reporters, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, that an anonymous figure has mailed another threatening note to the Planet. White assigns Kent to help Lois follow up her lead, but Lois instead insists that she'd "like the chance to crack the story on [her] own. He is preparing to fire his futuristic weapon perhaps a particle beam or death ray , until his pet bird spots Lois' aircraft and alerts him. Upon her arrival, Lois is kidnapped, bound, and gagged, as the scientist boasts to her about the success of his plan, and then demonstrates the weapon's power by aiming it at a bridge and destroying it. While listening to the radio, Clark and the other journalists learn of the coming disaster, as the poilce alert everyone to stay in their homes. Instinctively, Clark steps into a storage room and changes into Superman before flying away.


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