Castle and beckett dating fanfiction

castle and beckett dating fanfiction

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Right before Josh came into the picture, when all was swell in Castle -land. I got bored with the fact Hulu wouldn't let me watch episodes past the last six, so decided to do a bit o' fan fiction.

In preparation for Kevin and Jenny's wedding Castle informs the team he has head off, Beckett looks over at Castle "Your bringing a date?".
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I've had this in my head since the beginning of season five, but only wrote it down recently. No one knows about Castle and Beckett being together yet. Captain Victoria Gates laughs as her youngest daughter tries to eat the fries she ordered with her fork. She gets a glare from her daughter and pretends not to notice by looking outside. There's a couple walking down the street towards the restaurant they're in. Once they get closer she recognizes them and smiles. It's about damn time , she thinks.

Summary: 5x02 Re-imagined. Picking up midway through the episode, Kate doesn't try to shrug off Castle's "date" with the aggressive reporter. Notes: For the record, I totally enjoyed this episode as written. However, I wanted to give slightly more depth to the story than a single episode can provide while still leaving enough unresolved to fit comfortably within canon. Since everyone and their dog already wrote a tag scene for it, I decided to go a different route.


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    "Castle, can I ask you something?" Demming met his eyes. "If there something going on between you and Beckett?" "Well, we're dating." Castle.

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