Whispers and moans full movie

Whispers and Moans

whispers and moans full movie
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Inspired by interviews with real-life prostitutes, Herman Yau's sexy but socially conscious film revolves around a social worker seeking to unionize sex workers, and depicts a variety of tawdry experiences from the seedy underbelly of Hong Kong. Limited to just 10 separate days in the lives of its central characters, Whispers And Moans has plenty of ground to cover in a short span.
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(top) Whispers and Moans theatrical poster, (second from top) Athena Chu . its " sex workers need respect" message is strong enough to carry the whole film.
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Herman Yau attempts a social message with the prostitute drama Whispers and Moans. Based on a book of interviews by Yang Yee-Shan who also co-wrote the screenplay , Whispers details a cross-section of sex industry workers in modern Hong Kong, all facing difficult change in the rapidly evolving sex trade.

Elsie Yan Ng is a social worker with an interest in the rights of sex workers, despite this she is naive as to the lives of prostitutes, and finds it impossible to be accepted into their milieu. This changes when she comes to the aid of nightclub hostess Happy Chan Mei-hei. Happy introduces Elsie to her colleagues and Elsie is able to observe first hand the business of prostitution in Hong Kong.

Warning, this gallery may contain pictures not suited for all audiences because of the extreme or violent content of this movie.


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