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Rick & Beth (Rick & Morty parody)

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She is the daughter of Rick Sanchez and Mrs., As a result of production delays, the remaining episodes began airing weekly nearly four months later, on July 30,

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Sanchez , the great-granddaughter of Rick's Father and a unnamed woman, and the great-niece of the Unnamed Uncle , Summer attended at the Harry Herpson High School along with her younger brother Morty. She is a teenage girl who finds her family life to be dysfunctional. Summer currently resides in the post-apocalyptic remains of her dimension, along with her father Jerry, and her mother Beth. Also, she became a feral survivor alongside her parents and held a disdain for her grandfather Rick.

The drunken genius finally went down for the night. With a click of a door shutting, Summer had her chance. Being the only one awake in the house had its perks. In Summer's case, she was about to have a grand adventure all her own. Careful not to rise anyone with her movement, Summer stood from the couch.


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