Celebrity mouths and tongues

Celebrities Pull A Miley Cyrus ... And Stick Their Tongues Out

celebrity mouths and tongues
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Celebrities Pull A Miley Cyrus ... And Stick Their Tongues Out

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On the heels of the Gene Simmons tongue post, we turn our attention to the rich and famous. When it comes to tongues who's most well endowed here are 10 nominees. Einstein Perhaps the first tongue out shot ever immortalized on film. A classic. Jenny McCarthy When she was enjoying her 15 minutes, her tongue was too. Jolie-Pitt on it.

Andy, 35, had almost half his tongue removed after contracting mouth cancer and treatment left him without any saliva glands. Flesh from his wrist was used to rebuild his tongue and it was months before he could speak properly again. I was trying to avoid eating on one side of my mouth because it was so painful. One night, when Andy was eating a slice of pizza, a crater opened in his tongue and a piece of dough became wedged in the hole. The next morning I went to my GP and he immediately referred me to a specialist. I actually fell off my chair. Within two weeks he was having major surgery, lasting 15 hours, to cut away part of his tongue a treatment known as a partial glossectomy.


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