Black and white pictures of hamsters


black and white pictures of hamsters
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Black and white photo of hamster in a female hand. Human, small. Royalty-Free Stock Photo.
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Hamsters pictures

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Syrian hamsters are usually friendly once tamed, and are a good option in many countries because they can form quite a strong bond with their owners.
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Syrian Hamster

Black and white photo of hamster in a female hand. Human, small.

The ability to see in color is not specific to humans, but many animals can only see in black and white. Colored vision is possible because of the presence of cone photoreceptors in the eye; the different types of cone cells respond to different wavelengths of light, resulting in the perception of different colors. Cone cells are not active in low-light conditions, unlike the more sensitive rod photoreceptors.

So, yesterday I laid out a bunch of frames on the living room floor and Lisey and I decided on a visually pleasing arrangement, shape-wise. Then we scrolled through my picture files to find photos of things that Lisey loves the beach, afternoon tea, Converse , and made them all black and white so the photo wall would have a cohesive look. When we got to that last vertical picture frame on the right, though, we got stuck.


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