House and cuddy sex scene

OY! There's a missing sex scene in 7x01! (spoilers for that episode)

house and cuddy sex scene
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Mods I hope it's ok to post this here? He attempts to ply Cuddy with cornflakes and something that looks like salsa… Has he not had time to go shopping since Wilson kicked him out of the loft? They are interrupted by Chase calling House to explain that, yes; taking the day off will in fact bring a major hospital to its knees.
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Lisa Cuddy

And they finally did it. House fans know exactly what I am talking about.

When does house hook up with cuddy A middle-age single mom who's dating - if their. - Lisa Cuddy , M.

The time has finally arrived. It's been built up for seasons on end, talked about ad nauseum and debated to death. Gregory House Hugh Laurie and Dr. Lisa Cuddy Lisa Edelstein are finally going to do the nasty.

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