Jelqing and edging

Edging for Penis Enlargement

jelqing and edging
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ULTIMATIVE Edging Challenge! Earn your release!

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Edging Exercises for Men to Achieve Better Climax Control

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This is beneficial for men who experience premature ejaculation. You will have better control over your orgasms and be able to stop yourself from climaxing in certain cases. The name edging was given because you are taking yourself to the very edge, and then stopping all stimulation so that the orgasm is never reached. This method is more effective with men due to their longer refractory period.

Discussion in ' Self Improvement ' started by Djwhitfield , May 18, Log in or Sign up. May 18, 1. I use to do PEGym a while back now and I've been looking to do it again recently. I recently had sex with a girl for the first time in a while and my sexual stamina was poor and was quite frankly an embrassment. Regardless my sexual stamina before hand was pretty bad anyway. Jelqing requires the massaging of the penis and edging for those who don't know is masterbating to just before cumming then stopping, this improves sexual stamina.


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