What does gagged and bound mean

What is "gagged"

what does gagged and bound mean

Quinn gets used and abused while bound. She is dental gagged and analhooked

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Archie's bound and gagged in the Arches

bound and gagged

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Archie's in the Arches tied up, blindfolded and shouting to be released., See the conjugation of the verb gagged in English.

Meaning of "gagged" in the English dictionary

She opens the trunk to reveal West inside, bound and gagged. The deal for the group, known as the PayPal 14, brings to a public conclusion a year of gagged settlement conferences. Tig watching his daughter, bound and gagged but still conscious, burnt to a crisp in front of him.

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    Bound and gagged definition is - with hands and feet tied and something (such as a piece of cloth) put into or over the mouth. How to use bound and gagged in.

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    GAGGED - Definition and synonyms of gagged in the English dictionary

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