Cortana and master chief sex

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cortana and master chief sex

The Cortana Collection #1

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I got this idea from reading an article in my favourite men's magazine, ZOO Weekly. Every now and then a model would tell stories of some of her 'experiences', but I'm thinking a lot of them are exaggerated, or even written by someone else to make things seem a little bit sexier.
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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. There may be a minor lemon. Not suitable for children.

Reach also includes the moment when Cortana first sees Master Chief When asked to “confirm or deny” the rumor of Master Chief's sexual.
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App Store. Google Play. Axel 31 mar.

Master Chief unknown. A 7'1" tall genetically alterred soldier in the video game called Halo, who fights off aliens, and masturbates to a hott computer AI called Cortana who wishes she was a real person so she could ride his cock, while master chief wants to have little computer babies with her. A man in his mid-late 40's who spends most of his spare time at the beach. Often seen wearing an army cap, aviators and short swimming shorts. Usually in pretty good physical condition, he is fully aware of this and likes to show it off. The Master Chief will do this by spending the majority of the day standing up with his arms folded, casually observing everything that goes on around him as if he's the master of all he surveys.


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