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But just as the visual cues were driving the point of its heroine's infrequent spells of loneliness, the overarching plot is clearly building to a big change in that equation. If superhero stories have a favorite "melancholy" mode, it's in reminding us that it's lonely at the top.
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It's come to this. Superman sex.

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So. It's come to this. Superman sex. The sheer magnitude of Superman's love- making is crucial to the overarching plot of Garth Ennis' The Boys.
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Top definition. - It is a name that carries a long history, but it is largely unknown outside of comic book circles.


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Characters in this story are properties of DC Comics. I take no credit for creating them. Kara Zor-L wiped a fleeting tear from her cheek as she slowly floated down from the starry night sky to the roof of Metropolis's tallest skyscraper, The Daily Planet. She sat herself on the ledge of the building with a depressing thud, and felt another wave of sadness overcoming her. She barely held back more tears and gazed into the fuzzy yellow lights of the city below.


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