La femme infidele english subtitles

La femme infidele subtitles

la femme infidele english subtitles
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La Femme infidele = The Unfaithful wife

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A 9-year-old girl weathers big changes in her household as her parents become radical political activists in Paris. Madame Jouve, the narrator, tells the tragedy of Bernard and Mathilde. Bernard was living happily with his wife Arlette and his son Thomas. One day, a couple, Philippe and Mathilde Bauchard, moves into the next house. This is the accidental reunion of Bernard and Mathilde, who had a passionate love affair years ago. The police trace the wife but when she discovers by accident a picture that could incriminate her husband she decides to remain silent. A female doctor gets obsessed with the case of a dead woman after learning that the woman had died shortly after having rung her door for help.

A well-dressed woman with a haunted look steps almost by chance into a small Paris bar. Age 28, without a profession, a nonstop smoker and drinker, Betty, for that is her name, has the look of a one-woman lost generation, a wasted Piaf waif out on the town. Yet by returning again and again, as he does in this, his 45th film, to themes of repression and sexuality, Chabrol has achieved a kind of control of his material that is remarkable. The combination has resulted in a decidedly odd but mostly involving two-character study short on plot but long on the intricacies of unpredictable human behavior. That dive in Versailles that Betty is taken to is called Le Trou the Hole , described by proprietor Mario Jean-Francois Garreau as a place where all the regulars are twisted. Laure, a former nurse, takes to Betty with an immediate and unsettling intensity.


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