Tipping the velvet lesbian scene

Bodyguards Keeley Hawes has a steamy lesbian romp in 2002 drama Tipping The Velvet

tipping the velvet lesbian scene
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Tipping Velvet 2

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Earlier this year, critics and audiences alike found themselves blushing at the sight of a hot and primal lesbian love scene between Rachel.
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Tipping the Velvet (2002)

According to McAdams who opened up about the movie to Entertainment Weekly , this scene is not one of them. But this scene felt so integral to the plot and moving the story forward. The characters need this release to open up.

Tipping the velvet: The most vital lesbian love scenes of cinema

The love scene between Nan (Rachel Stirling) and Diana (Anna Chancellor) in the lesbian mini series Tipping the Velvet.
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She wants it to be a surprise. Rather, they are theatrically stylised. Being theatrically stylised is in keeping with a novel that has performance at its core.

The characters need this release to open up. Making queer girls with a thing for brooding punk babes disintegrate with desire, the moment Lisbeth Rooney Mara hooks up with Wu Elodie Yung at a grimy gay club is brief yet triumphant. Their instant chemistry is lit , but the moment where Lisbeth just casually slips a finger in? Hot damn, ladies! Can we make it any more obvious why this scene remains so spectacularly sexy? But at the core this scene between Naomi Watts King Kong and Laura Harring The Punisher is as erotic as they come without being unnecessary to the story. That likely has something to do with both Jennifer Tilly Bride of Chucky and Gina Gershon Killer Joe being at peak sexiness; it also has to do with their raw, sophisticated sex scenes that are powerful, poignant, and punishing for how seductive they are.


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    Tipping the Velvet is a three part telefilm considered as a mini serie and aired on BBC.

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    Tipping the Velvet () - Lesbian interest

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    Keeley Hawes & Alex Kingston: Tipping The Velvet

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