I want to peg a guy

These 19 Ladies Love Pegging Their Men

i want to peg a guy
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Black women loves to dominate and peg his white slave ass

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At night I tell jokes in dive bars, surrounded by guys in their early 20s. I'm not meeting eligible bachelors in my day-to-day. So like most singles.
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4 Women Explain What It's Really Like to Peg Your Partner

How To Convince Your Boyfriend To Agree To Pegging

4 Women Explain What It's Really Like to Peg Your Partner. "Having a guy underneath you, with the gasping and groaning, is spectacular.".
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Lol, it's probably more of an outlier fetish. I don't think it's "true" that "women really like to peg men", no. That kind of statement is pretty bold and seems to make that sound like an across-the-board, agreed upon fact that everyone is familiar with.

If you don't kiiiiiind of want to try pegging by the end of this, I don't know what to tell you. It's SO different and so hot. He's usually pretty quiet when he fucks me but he moans soooooo loudly when I'm pegging him. Our power dynamic definitely switches when we're pegging and he becomes incredibly submissive. Seeing them get sweet and needy and slutty just goes right to my crotch and my heart. Watching them feel so full is like nothing else. Mentally, one of the biggest turn-ons ever.

Illustration by Niallycat.


  1. Gamal Q. says:

  2. Caroline S. says:

    Sure, you may have heard of pegging from a certain episode of Broad City , but what's it really like to play the role of penetrator as a woman?

  3. Angela F. says:

    "Pegging is the ultimate tamer of men....Itís like having a nuclear weapon in your armory."

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