Dating a spiritually immature man

3 Reasons Stop Begging & Stop Trying Change Emotionally Immature Men

dating a spiritually immature man
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11 Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Immature

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Should a Christian date someone who is less spiritually mature? . respect that person even when you see that they are spiritually immature in.
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Is it important for the husband to be the spiritual leader in a marriage, and if yes, does this mean that a Christian woman can only consider marrying a man who is more spiritually mature than she? And this would naturally exclude all men who have recently become Christians if the woman has been a Christian for many years and has matured in her faith during these many years.
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  1. LĂ©on C. says:

    If your date is too dependent on you.

  2. Joshua R. says:

    Deepak Reju explains how women can avoid marrying a spiritually immature man, and what to do if they find themselves married to one.

  3. Dalia A. says:

    The Teaching Ministry of Mark Ballenger

  4. Eroscijul says:

    Some Men Are Not That Deep.

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