What is thick penis

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what is thick penis
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What size of a penis is considered thick?

Most people now know that there are ways to lengthen their penis without having surgery. But for quite some time it has also been known that the penis does not only depend on the length, but also on the circumference. This raises the question: Can the penis be made thicker?

Although most conversations about penis size tend to focus on the length of the member, in some cases it's the girth that is unusual. A thick penis may indeed be a long one, but it's also very possible for a medium or short penis to impress with its width. No matter the girth, a man needs to practice proper penis care in order to keep his manhood healthy, but there are a few special things to consider when one is the owner of an especially thick penis. There is no firm definition, but in general, a thick penis is considered a member that measures more than 5" or so in circumference when erect.


  1. Diane B. says:

    Too small, too thin, too little… Many dreams of a thicker limb

  2. Antoshika D. says:

    7 Ways To Deal With A Thick Penis As Told By Someone HUGE!

  3. Otto H. says:

    What size is considered a thick penis?

  4. Royce M. says:

    Well this question is very subjective. Average thickness or circumference ranges from 4 to 5 inches anything more than five can be regarded as.

  5. Publio A. says:

    Bent, curved, thick, slim, big head, small head, circumcised or not circumcised — when it comes to penises, there's plenty of variety to be.

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