Laura from street fighter 5

Laura Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition moves, tips and combos

laura from street fighter 5
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Laura is one of the playable characters in Street Fighter V. She was first Height, 5'9" ( CM) STREET FIGHTER V Laura Theme (long version).
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Social – English

Laura from SFV. Redrawn from the original in-game slide because I was impressed how half-assed and rushed most of the images in story mode look.

Use Laura's forward Linear Movement (> + MPK) V-Skill to get up close and finish off introduced here can only be purchased within the Street Fighter V game.
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laura street fighter 5

Her best buttons: - j.
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She is a free-spirited, hyperactive Brazilian woman and the older sister of Sean. Laura has long black hair, the right side being worn loose and the left side starting as cornrow braids before blending with the rest at the back.

Note: The costumes and colors introduced here can only be purchased within the Street Fighter V game. Use Twitter to communicate with other Dojo members, and challenge other fighters to a battle! A great way to sharpen your skills!

Commands written here are for characters facing right.


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    Laura, as she appears in Street Fighter V. 5'9" ( cm) The earliest design of Laura bore a near resemblance to Street Fighter EX fighter Pullum Purna.

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