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Girl shares angry texts from dad after he found what he thought was a sex toy in her room

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Ever wonder why you love having sex with someone you hate? As a result, the daddy issues lead a woman to become angry with men who.
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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today.

Girl shares angry texts from dad after he found what he thought was a sex toy in her room

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This encouraging piece of information comes from a study conducted by extramarital dating website Victoria Milan. They surveyed almost 10, women from 23 countries asking how men usually react when they are told 'No. And apparently, up there with Hungary and Portugal are men from Ireland who get the "angriest" when women don't want to have sex with them. The reaction they choose is knee-jerk - and probably a little secret preview into what the sex might have been like if she said yes.

Did the women of Rolling Stone consent to the goings-on at what today would be regarded as an illegal den of workplace harassment? They appeared to.


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    A strategy for getting past bitterness over past failures

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