Anal depth training toys

Anal Training 101: A Complete Guide To Anal Stretching For Beginners

anal depth training toys
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Depth Trainer - Extreme long Dildo

Depth Training Develop the ability to consciously relax the Pubo-Rectal sling. The off-set tip is essential for you to change the direction of the toy inside.
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This site is based on my own experiences and intended as a general guidline in the spirit of personal growth. Playing deep is an Extreme Sport with inherent risks. As always, it is up to you to determine what is good for your own body and to take from this information what you choose.

Anal depth training is a type of anal training which focuses on inserting objects deep into the anal cavity. As individuals progress with anal depth training, they should be able to insert sex toys, penises, and other objects deeper and deeper into their anal cavity. Unlike some forms of anal training, anal depth training is unconcerned with how large or thick the items inserted are, only how far they enter the body. Alternatively, someone might start anal depth training because they enjoy using anal sex toys or being fisted, and want to take their anal play to the next level. There are two key challenges people undertaking anal depth training must overcome. First, they must learn to relax the pubo-rectal sling, a powerful muscle that creates the first curve of the rectum.


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