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The scenario here is that Josh will ask a random guy to watch over his stuff as he leaves for a brief moment.
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Kissing Prank Extreme - Hot Edition Previous Prank ? watch?v=VJQTevUMPbg Video by.
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The video starts off with Will on his new iPhone 8 since he replaced it with the phone he accidentally burnt. While on it, Bill is yelling at him to get off of it because he's hungry and wants dinner. William yells at him a couple of times as well, but then decides to get Bill's dinner with Violette. He has milk, laxatives, Burger King Whoppers, hot sauce, and a cup. His idea is to put hot sauce in the whoppers. When Bill is gonna go for the milk, William is gonna replace the good milk with milk he bought from the store and put hot sauce in the milk, which is also gonna be hot. He's then gonna pour milk in a cup and give that to Bill, but the milk in the cup is gonna be filled with laxatives.


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    The video begins with William refusing to go downstairs to eat his dinner and tells his mom to freak off.

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