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So before the real estate agent went to show a home to one prospective buyer — a stranger from California — she secured her 9 mm handgun and strapped it into the holster around her ankle. - Pam and Tiffany are also both accredited relocation specialists.

Top 25 Female Real Estate Agents With The Best Hair 2018 | The HAIRRY-Awards

Her body looks great in a two piece—she's a former model, after all—and she has an adorable French accent, to boot. She also just happens to be a realtor at Majestic Properties in Miami. In a housing market with properties increasingly underwater, some realtors have realized the secret to success may be posing as if they're headed out for a swim—with women scantily-clad in bikinis and men shirtless and muscular. Though Mahul's not convinced "about looks being a huge asset in our industry," it certainly doesn't hurt that photos of her in skimpy skivvies are just a click away, especially as the spring real estate season heats up. Realtors, of course, are thought of as notoriously put-together—primped, pomaded salesmen and saleswomen. But does that investment in personal attractiveness pay off in home prices? Apparently so, according to a study published last year in Applied Financial Economics by lead writer Sean P.

Before you go any further! This trademarked award first gained notoriety when we awarded the newsmen with the best hair across the country. Heather Novak starts us off with gorgeous, flowing blonde hair, a striking face, and infectious smile to boot. This wife, mother, and Realtor is killing it in the Arizona real estate scene.


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