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Archer Sex Scene

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The 10 Hands-Down, Funniest Moments from ĎArcherí

Sign in. - Archer 's pilot episode establishes its chiseled animated lead as "the world's most dangerous spy.

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'Archer' Became the Most Sexually Progressive Show on Television While No One Was Looking

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With nine seasons in the books, the not-so-super spy Sterling Archer has had his share of iconic moments. While trying to avoid detection from two guards, Archer, Lana, Cyril and Ray wait around a corner for a chance to move undetected. About Stalinism.

Later, her true identity is revealed to him while in the presence of Gustavo Calderon Juliana's husband. Later, after getting caught in a barrage of bullets from the rebel army she sleeps with Archer again and overhears her husband tell Cherlene that he purchased all of her albums assuming they were broke. She showed her ill-content with her husband's obsession with Cherlene, by glaring angrily at him when he had called after the crying Cherlene right in front of her. She was very enraged when she heard husband say that he intended to dissolve their marriage and marry Cherlene. She refused, saying "And I will tell you the same thing I told your father. I will never grant you a divorce! When asked by Calderon if the encounter was something worth dying for, Archer couldn't answer, to which Juliana replied coyly, "Right?


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    Archer Hits The West Coast To Meet The In-Laws With A Bullitt

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    This week, Archer meets Lana's parents well, technically he's met them once before, but

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