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smite the morrigan
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SMITE - Aphrodite and The Morrigan Sex

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The Morrigan, The Phantom Queen, is a mage of the Celtic pantheon in Smite. Fate is an unusual thing. An unseen force predicting every action of every being.
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Greetings fellow Smite players. Everyone has their own opinion and may disagree with me, but this build has worked out really well for me.

SMITE The Morrigan Build Guide: Getting Anu Start with the Phantom Queen

The Morrigan counters

Fate is an unusual thing. An unseen force predicting every action of every being. Some deities can see it, recognizing the flow of the plan. There are none, save one, that claims mastery over it, that manipulates it with such cold intent, that steers it ever toward war and the red demise of heroes. In truth, she is many Goddesses, with many names and many forms.

The dust has settled for Season 3 of SMITE , the World Championship winners have raised Mjolnir in victory again , and the Battleground has fallen into a lull as gods and players alike take a well-earned rest after months of war. The hand that turns the wheel of Fate, the mother of all wars, and Queen to topple queens, Anu, Macha, and Badb -- collectively The Morrigan -- have come to the Battleground of the Gods with only one intention: to keep the blood flowing. As powerful as Sovereignty, as fierce as War, and as inexorable as Death, The Morrigan is a magical assassin as merciless and indomitable as Fate itself. With a little careful positioning and game awareness as always soon you'll be telling your enemies to come out and meet their Fate. The bad news in the comparison is that she lacks an actual Execute finisher, which was a key factor in Ao's success as an assassin.


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    The Morrigan is one of the playable Gods in SMITE. The 3rd hit of The Morrigan's hit chain will explode, dealing damage to all enemies within.

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