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Love Goddess, The Rita Hayworth Musical

Yet she struggled to identify with the bombshell image projected of her, marrying and divorcing five different men in a search for love. In a town where success and fame is constantly almost happening, Brody lifts our spirits and unites our common dreams in this very funny story of passion, heartbreak and a spark of hope at the intersection of art and commerce. Diane and Nat are strangers, trapped in a house in the countryside. They cannot leave or they will be attacked, their eyes pecked out and their bodies left to rot. They must find a way to survive, to escape their prison even as the secrets and lies between them grow deeper and more deadly. Alfred Hitchcock fans will love this edgier version, which includes elements of his iconic horror film yet darker and more claustrophobic.

Or did it actually ever exist? I was looking for a new project to do after my series "How Soon Is Now.


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