Irreversible movie subway scene

Irreversible Errors

irreversible movie subway scene

Monica Bellucci - Explicit Sex Scenes, Big Boobs - Irreversible (2002)

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Why is ‘Irreversible’ still shocking 15 years later?

When he was a teenager, he was too squeamish to sit through Sam Peckinpah's Staw Dogs: "I thought it was too heavy to handle. During the rape scene, I had to walk out," he confides in his softly-spoken voice. Discussing a favourite book, JW Dunne's An Experiment with Time - a study by an English aeronautical engineer who developed his own pet theories about dreams, perception and reality - he sounds like an earnest young philosophy student.

The film employs a reverse chronology and follows two men through the streets of Paris as they seek to avenge a brutally raped girlfriend. - Sign in.

Here, Noe tried to show the horror present in everyday situations that we always refuse to admit: the lack of empathy in people. The avoidance of unnecessary complications in life have made people more indifferent than ever; generally, no one wants to help an unknown person in the time of actual distress unless there is malicious intent. Noe exemplifies this notion in his film by showing a woman getting violently raped on the subway, which she was forced to endure as a reward of helping another transgender person who was getting raped by the same person priorly. The camera remains static throughout the film in the form of a silent spectator, unable to do anything but witness the horror in the screen. In this timespan, some spectators enter the subway, watches this vicious crime from a distance, and flees from the place soon to avoid getting involved. Such was the intensity of the scene that the filmmaker himself was reported to feel uneasy during the shoot. Imagine the condition of Monica Bellucci, who agreed to shoot the scene in an unstimulated way.

A year earlier when it debuted at Cannes , the movie proved to be so divisive and shocking it made people leave the cinema in droves. If you dare, you can watch this movie on the Showbox app now.


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