The directors couch

What is the casting couch and which Hollywood actresses have told their stories about it?

the directors couch
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The History and Evolution of Hollywood’s “Casting Couch”

For years, film stars have shared their stories of sexual harassment on set, and how producers and directors abuse their power. - Being told to remove all your clothes in an audition.

The casting couch is the practice of requesting sexual favors by an employer or person in a position of power and authority from a job applicant or subordinate in return for a job or for career advancement.
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The history and evolution of it have changed behind the scenes for the most part and have become rumors that throughout the last several decades have finally come to light. One major problem with this mentality is that the casting couch is basically trading sexual favors so that stars can get the parts they want. A lot of times this has been seen to happen to women, who have throughout the history of the industry been seen as far more vulnerable and have therefore been taken advantage of on a more regular basis.

Over time, the phrase has become emblematic of the way that sexual aggression has been normalized in an industry dominated by powerful men. How did this seemingly innocuous phrase become so ensconced as a standard show-business trope? The casting-couch tradition originated in theatrical productions on Broadway well before the Hollywood film industry became the new locus of the entertainment world. The phrase casting couch became linked to the Shuberts, at least in retrospect, as the etymologist Peter Tamony discovered.

Long before Weinstein there was Louis B. Mayer , who co-founded Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios in Sound familiar?


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