Taste the rainbow meme

Skittles honors LGBTQ Pride by replacing the rainbow with oh god, no

taste the rainbow meme
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Find and save taste the rainbow Memes | To kiss a mouth full of Skittles.
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For all my other peeps that are forgetful like me and might benefit from something like this., Ok, so I heard June was the gay pride month, and well, this is what my imagination can do, hope you guys liked it….

It's June, and every brand with a brain in its head is trying to capitalize on LGBTQ pride — even if it stirs up a little useless internet controversy. Take Skittles. For the past two years, the brand has decided to strip color from its candy shells because there's only "one rainbow" during Pride month. It's a strange gesture of respect, but nowhere near as weird as what they replaced it with: white skittles. Of course, Skittles by no means wanted to celebrate "White Pride. Surprisingly, most appear to have understood the brand's message. And as a card-carrying member of angry Twitter, I'll be first to admit that I feed on minor branding scandals like this one.

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