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Lilith's Throne - A Promising Text-Based Erotic RPG

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Crazy girls with their weird fantasies keep exploring the hotel and get into more and more bondage situations., Account Options Logga in.

Fenoxo Forums. IcarusDragon Member. Joined: Sep 9, Hello, My name is IcarusDragon and I am currently working on a text based, second person, choose-your-own-adventure game. Although it's nowherre near completion, I'd like some feedback on what others think. I don't know if editing the first post will bump the forum, so I'll post my content in a new post.

Fenoxo Forums. TheSgt New Member. Joined: Feb 12, What is Lilith's Throne? Basically, the game is about you being transported into an alternate dimension, and the main story is about trying to find a way to return home. Although there are humans and demons in the game, most of the content is pretty furry, so if that's not your thing, then let this be your warning! There isn't a huge amount of content to be discovered right now and a lot of it still needs polishing , but there are a few sex scenes to see, and you can at least get a feel for what the game's about.


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