How to make homemade breast forms

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how to make homemade breast forms

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Breast Forms On a Budget – How to Make Your Own

Some trans people choose to wear breast prosthetics, either before or instead of hormones or surgery., Thank you for the post; a topic of interest for many.

How to make homemade silicone breast forms

I make pairs of microbead breast forms in ten different sizes and offer them on the 'Items for Sale' tab of this website. Because of buying some of the items in bulk, my price is often less than your cost to make one pair of microbead breast forms yourself, and always less than half the price of only ONE commercially produced microbead form. With me, you get TWO, plus I custom fit them for future pairs if you find that you'd rather one side be greater or less filled to accommodate your scar tissue.

Awesome Breastforms are created by a group of women who have come together for the single purpose of crocheting and knitting handmade prosthetic breast forms for women who have had breast surgery, including mastectomy, lumpectomy, explant surgery and women with developmental conditions. Many in the group know firsthand the devastating effects of breast surgery. They are cooler, lighter and much more comfortable than traditional silicone prosthetics. You have several color options when ordering. Awesome Breastforms are washable and easy to care for.


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    Transgender breast prosthetics – Transgender Map

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