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Stop Eating 'Sexy Pavement Lichen,' Scientists Warn

Sign in. Sextuplets star Marlon Wayans takes cues from Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor to transform into an entire fictional family.
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Ariana Grande's Response To Kids Singing “Side To Side” & Other Sexy Songs Is All About Being Open

Botanists in New Zealand are warning the public not to consume lichen growing on footpaths and shady rocks throughout the country, after misleading stories about its stimulatory properties spread rapidly online. - Ariana Grande is not mincing words about the substance of some of her earlier singles.

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Xanthoparmelia scabrosa, a type of lichen that grows in New Zealand and the Pacific, naturally produces PDE5 inhibitors, which block an enzyme that constricts blood flow. PDE5 inhibitors are also used in erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, which work to increase blood flow to the penis. The fungus "contains a chemical somewhat analogous to Viagra—and somewhat toxic," lichenologist Allison Knight, who coined the phrase "sexy pavement lichen" to refer to the species, told Newsroom.

And while the pharmacist was being blindfolded by her man, Ovie Soko and Chris Taylor enjoyed a romantic evening with the two new bombshells, Harley Brash and India Reynolds. While we were left on a cliffhanger waiting to know how her time with the newcomer went, Amber seemed more than excited to spend time away from her fellow islanders. However, the pair recoupled and it seems their relationship is back on track — especially after spending quality time together in the Hideaway. Did you sleep well? Pulling the model over for a chat, the pair headed off to the sofas where they decided to talk things out.


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